Vineet Talwar: WordPress Migration

Vineet found his love for WordPress after he was introduced to it in around 2012. This led him to develop numerous websites and making him want to crave for more to learn in WordPress. He has co-founded his first company at the age of 20. Till now, he has co-founded two ventures and heads them at technical front. He has been associated with various ventures consulting and guiding them with technical resources. Continue reading “Vineet Talwar: WordPress Migration”

Daman Jeet: First-time visitors don’t trust your website. Framework to make your products or services more trustworthy

Damanjeet Singh is the co-founder of Based out of New Delhi, India, they build tool & solutions to help WooCommerce store owners boost conversions. His entrepreneurial stint started at age 19 with writing, publishing and selling course books. Later, he went on to start Wisetr Tech Pvt. Ltd., a full-fledged WordPress services arm which today serves clients globally and proudly parents XLPlugins. Continue reading “Daman Jeet: First-time visitors don’t trust your website. Framework to make your products or services more trustworthy”

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Happiness Bar at WordCamp Delhi 2017

The Happiness Bar, a standard offering at WordCamps all over the world, is a super laid back place to ask any WordPress questions you may have. But even if you’re more advanced, there’s room in the Happiness Bar for you too. It can be a great place to have your code reviewed and to give back to the community.

Staffed by volunteers (at WordCamp, what isn’t?) that are willing and interested in helping you solve the mysteries of the WordPress. The idea isn’t that the volunteers have all the answers or will do the work for you but that they can point you in the right direction.

Many WordCamp regulars find they spend as much time in the Happiness Bar as they spend listening to presentations. And the reason is simple, the Happiness Bar is a place to interact in an environment free from internet trolls.

Because the Happiness “Bartenders” are there to spread happiness, don’t be shocked if you ask a question and hear: “I don’t know, but I know someone that does.” Many times they can introduce you to someone at camp that is an expert in the subject matter.

Many speakers will head for the happiness bar after their presentation, so if you want to further explore one of their ideas or have really specific questions, sit down with them and ask.

Whether you have a question you need answered, code that needs to be reviewed or just want to get some work done, this is the place to be. Come and ask questions, answer questions and meet new friends. If it’s a WordPress question, you can ask it at the Happiness Bar at #WCDelhi !

A Note: Not all problems can be solved quickly and easily. Although the Happiness Bar is a place to get you going in the right direction, you might need to continue the conversation after WordCamp Delhi. And, not to disappoint you, but that might cost money. Volunteers will do their best to help you as much as possible during the weekend, but sometimes, you just need a professional.

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