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XLPlugins builds sales-boosting plugins for ambitious WooCommerce store owners.

The plugins from their stable share the common belief – ‘Conversions are a byproduct of buyer psychology.

Their two flagship products are:

Sales Triggers– A suite of 7 ‘sales hacks’ that turn WooCommerce product pages into trust-inspiring, conversion assets.

Finale – As the name suggests, Finale helps store owners run promotional campaigns and use psychology of scarcity and urgency to generate more sales.

Both these plugins are known for the well-thought of options they put into store owners’ hands and their impact on sales.

The company’s objective is to launch an array of plugins and is currently looking for talent- people who want to shape the future of an Indian company & build products for global audiences.

Store owners from over 40 countries have bought their products. The countries include the US, UK, India, Germany and Australia.

XLPlugins is an independent product arm of New Delhi-based WordPress development agency,

Wisetr Tech Pvt. Ltd. Wisetr Tech, founded back in 2012 has 473 WordPress projects and 6+ years of experience.

They have pulled off some of the most complex projects in the WordPress ecosystem.

Note: If you’re a developer with expertise in WordPress, API integrations, PHP then they may have exciting opportunities for you to help expand your horizons. Get in touch with them.  

Or if you are a digital marketer with a flair for writing then their Autoreponder sequences, landing pages, blog posts, social media are waiting to see your persuasion prowess getting unleashed. Get in touch.

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