Wapuu of WordCamp Delhi 2017 is here to enthrall you all!

The idea of Wapuu was brought by Matt Mullenweg and the Japanese WordPress community to promote WordPress in Japan. Since then it has become the eye candy of all WordCamps.

Wapuu is now the face of local WordPress communities. Wapuu designed all over the world clearly represents the diverse communities of WordPress coming together as one ecosystem.

With 10 probable WAPUU applications in front of the #WCDELHI_TEAM, it was not an easy going task to select a defining WAPUU for the WordCamp Delhi 2017. But we believed in what US President Franklin D Roosevelt said-

“A smooth sea never made skilled sailors”

The endless debates, rigorous discussions and pestering message notifications finally paid off well, as we present the official WAPUU ‘DEEPUU’ for the WordCamp Delhi 2017 which the WCD Team believes to convey the true spirit of Delhi- Global Outlook with Vibrant Diversity.


What comes to your mind when you think about Delhi? Probably Monuments like 72.5 meters high Qutub Minar or the historical Red Fort from where India made a tryst with destiny 70 years ago or Democracy or Diversity or Vision or Pace.

This is the common perception about Delhi Dilwalon ki which is friendly and is an opportunity to soar high. Delhi is a rich blend of majestic history and skyrocketing modernisation. It attracts everyone and gives them a baggage full of memories to look back with a smile.

Delhi is Youth, Delhi is Vitality, Delhi is Democracy, Delhi is Exciting and Delhi is the Power of the People, by the People and for the People. And so is our “DEEPUU”.


DEEPUU- a very common name in Delhi reflects the essence of the common people. The name itself speaks of the sweet, bubbly and lovely imagery which is destined to enthrall.

Deepuu has a Long Range Global Vision with her shades providing a filter to the negativity and the blazing heat here in Delhi. Deepuu has a baggage full of surprises for all the attendees of the #WCD_2017. Deepuu stands for passion, brotherhood, knowledge for all, unity, diversity, globalization and the energy that the people of Delhi have.


A contest was started on 9th July to design WordCamp Delhi’s Wapuu in which we received a lot of beautiful entries and this was the first entry that was released by Ashutosh Gaur.


We were really pleased to receive so many entries and appreciate the hard work of all the guys who submitted the entries. This truly helped the WordCamp Delhi team to get the vision of what Wapuu was going to be like.

Wapuu in India are designed with regional ethnicity and flavors and so was the idea for our Delhi’s Wapuu. Delhi is known for its heritage and therefore WordCamp Delhi Team thought “ Wapuu should visit Qutub Minar “ and that’s how it started.

Qutub Minar is one of the oldest heritage sites of Capital city which attracts almost every tourist who visits Delhi.



So these were the initial sketches that were presented by Arvind Baraskar and the team agreed that (Wapuu/Deepuu) truly likes Qutub Minar.

Rachit Sharma
Rachit Sharma 

This Wapuu was designed by Rachit Sharma

Prathamesh Palve, our very own Wapuu of WordCamp Delhi Team suggested that (Wapuu/Deepuu) should have goggles and a bag. It gave (Wapuu/Deepuu) a jolly tourist look.

A big shout-out for our designer Arvind Baraskar for designing the WordCamp Delhi’s Mascot.


Our funky (Wapuu/Name) will be bringing a lot of surprises and stuff packed in his backpack. Meet him on 19 August 2017 at NDMC Convention Centre, Parliament Street, New Delhi. He is very much excited to show his Swag.

Thanks to Shubham Mudgil and Manoranjan for creating the content for Wapuu.

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