Mani Karthik: From being a small town blogger to building a successful marketing career in Silicon Valley

From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, he’s helped companies sell everything online, from software to cars, finance to e-com & agencies to enterprises. A passionate blogger & online marketing expert, he believes WordPress is one of the core reasons for his success.

Title of his talk would be something you would get curious about

Here are some punch points he will be talking on.

  1. 90’s Kid -The Beginning – How I started out
  • First computer
  • Forums
  • Amit Agarwal & Blogging

2.  Major Mistakes

  • Not choosing WordPress
  • SEO Mistakes
  • Not defining TA

3. Traction

  • DailySEOblog
  • Comments & Freelance Gigs
  • Money

4. Lift

  • Social Media
  • Invitation to USA

5. Experience & Learning

  • Working for small & big companies
  • Versatile WordPress projects
  • Differences in work culture
  • How startups think

6. Today

  • Entrepreneurial bug
  • Return to India
  • How WordPress is core
  • Helping others with blogging & WordPress

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