Ajit Bohra: Diet & Lifestyle for WordPress

People call him a tech geek, fitness enthusiast, wannabe Super Randonneur. He calls himself a humble guy tapping his keyboard, writing custom WordPress implementations for his clients in India & Abroad.

With an experience of over 8 years in WordPress, where he traversed from basic WordPress theme setups to now implementing complex applications on top of WordPress, he runs a boutique agency out of a corner of Mumbai called “LUBUS”.

He can be reached on ajit@lubus.in, followed on www.twitter.com/ajit.bohra and stalked on www.instagram.com/ajit.bohra. His work profile can be seen on http://www.lubus.inhttps://github.com/ajitbohrahttps://profiles.wordpress.org/ajitbohra

His Topic Will Revolve Around These Points

To function & perform efficiently WordPress needs healthy lifestyle and proper diet. The talk will shed light on how to adopt that lifestyle and what things to consider to keep your WordPress healthy & fit. Just like humans, WordPress needs love, care & attention.

Talks will cover following: –

-What is diet & lifestyle for WordPress?
– Right surrounding for WordPress: Server
– Fashion & Grooming for WordPress: Templates/ Themes
– Food / Nutrition for WordPress: Plugins
– Routine Health Checkup: Maintenance

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