Ashutosh Gaur: Making WordPress the First Building Block of your Entrepreneurial Journey

He is a Serial Entrepreneur and a Developer. He has founded 3 companies and consulted in various other online ventures helping entrepreneurs with technical resources and help them launch their products. Out of the 3 ventures, 2 have been IT companies where he headed the Business development and WordPress Development section and the third and current venture is an Online Radio Station where he heads the Creative front.
He has been associated with the WordPress domain now from past 4 years and has successfully helped complete and launch over 50 products. He believes that innovation and creativity go hand in hand and that ideas are in the air, one must not waste time implementing what they wish to do.
Let me mention some points of his talk.
His talk shall be focused on many levels for majorly 2 categories.
1. The entrepreneurs on the stage of beginning their journey
2. The users who believe that WordPress as a platform has its limitations.
– The Journey:
An in depth talk shall follow including his journey as an entrepreneur having formulated and built a platform for his Startup that shall enlighten the fact that WordPress empowers your startup to be a solid foundation.
– The Hiccups:
Following this, he will discuss how hiccups can be avoided. But this pointer shall be on the non-tech front simply enhancing and strengthening his point that WordPress can serve to solve that one problem that you face in EVERY entrepreneurial journey i.e. having limited technical knowledge like he did.
– The Proposed Solutions:
He will then be discussing the key points that he followed to avoid these hiccups including taking help on the community forum etc.
– The Convincing Strategy:
Finally, the talk shall take a turn onto the service providing entrepreneurs who shall understand how to convince their client to begin the project foundation on WordPress be it a simple company profile website or a full fledged E-commerce portal.
– The Conclusion:
In the end, the talk shall conclude with his notes to compile everything he mentioned above giving a gist and opening the house for discussion and questions.
Each topic shall take no more than 4-4.5 mins thereby making it a 20-21 minutes talk.
Are you an entrepreneur who is still in the process of selecting a platform to build your product? Or a service provider still trying to convince your clients about which platform to choose and are yet confused? Your answer is WordPress. Join a journey he wishes to share that may help you in your entrepreneurial path to achieve what you deserve.​

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