Varun Sharma: How to make your WordPress Code Super Readable, Safe & Secure

Varun is the CEO & Founder of Teclab Solutions – Parent Firm for Tech Banker

Tech Banker is a leading WordPress Plugin Development Firm having developed major famous plugins like Contact Bank, Gallery Bank, Mail Bank, Clean Up Optimizer, Captcha Bank etc.

He also runs two websites. and Tech-banker.

The different aspects he is going to cover in his talk

Code readability is a universal subject in the world of computer programming. It’s one of the first things we learn as developers.

In the first 3 mins of my topic, he would be letting developers know why it is important to write readable code and what could be the consequences of badly written code.

In the next 12 mins, he will be covering what to do to make your code super readable.

This will be covered with the following sub points :-

1 – Commenting & Documentation
2 – Consistent Indentation
3 – Code Grouping
4 – Consistent Naming Scheme
5 – DRY Principle
6 – Avoid Deep Nesting
7 – File and Folder Organization
8 – Separation of Code and Data
9 – Sanitization, Validation to make your code bullet proof from Attacks!

The above part of the topic would be using a 2 mins Presentation + 10 mins of Practical using Net Beans IDE.

In the Next 5 minutes, he will be winding up the topic with his experience as a WordPress User V/s WordPress Developer! (Ideal for Web Designers)

I am sure, you’re going to have a heating discussion which can help you become a better developer.

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