WordCamp Delhi 2017: An Event Full of Surprises

Whenever people read about any WordCamp happening anywhere in the world, there is only one concern. Is it worth spending even a single day?

Let me ask you something. Have you attended any WordCamp before? If not, then wouldn’t you want to experience something new?

It’s been a very long time since Delhi was considered as one of the hot spots for a WordCamp.

The first WordCamp of India was held in 2009 and you would be surprised to know that it was organized in the capital of India. Yes, it’s New Delhi. That was a single event for the whole country.

But now, WordCamps are happening in many cities separately.

And this time, WordCamp Delhi is going to happen on 19th August 2017. This is the first WordCamp happening for Delhi NCR to spread the knowledgeable words about WordPress and to make people aware how easy and interesting this platform is.

Why should you attend this official event?

This is the biggest question. Most of the people raise a thought as if what’s so special about WordCamp Delhi.

Let me mention some points.

  • Full of WordPress resources
  • Friendly habitat
  • Energetic speakers
  • Your satisfaction is what we promise
  • Techie and non-techie topics
  • For Beginners to pro
  • One of the finest Venues
  • Effective networking sessions

So why is it mentioned about energetic speakers?

What’s the biggest turn off point when you attend an event? The person who speaks in front of you. No one likes to get compelled to sleep by any speaker.

You will have the interest you crave for.

And what if you’re just starting out or thinking about exploring your interest in WordPress? Well, WordCamp Delhi 2017 is the perfect platform for you.

Whether you’re starting a new blog or building a multi-million Dollar business, you would have a clear insight how WordPress can be the building block of your journey.

Experienced WordPress professionals are going to deliver their own experience which can be resonated with your interests. Everyone likes to get connected with the topic a speaker focuses.

If you look around then you would notice that most of the students are heading towards an unexpected destination with just a blurry sight with WordPress.

Right now 28% of the total websites are running on this informative platform and WordCamp Delhi is going to give a boost. We will make you understand what’s this CMS is capable of.

WordCamp Delhi isn’t just an event, it’s a playground where you can play, ask questions, make mistakes, embrace your skills, and connect with professionals.

Speakers are for you, to solve your problems, to share their life experiences.

Are you ready to gather a whole bunch of knowledge just in one day?

If I tell you about my personal thought, I am super excited to be a part of this WordCamp. Are you?

Are you ready to experience the unexpected yet remarkable event?

WordCamps have been happening for quite a time and many cities of India have experienced the glory. Would you want to be a part of an event which is for WordPress, by WordPress?

It’s always believed that your one step towards a positive vibed environment can give a new direction to your venture.

WordCamp Delhi 2017 can be one of that particular sight seeing event. This is going to be an eye-opening event for our Indian WordPress community.

Are you ready?

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